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We have been helping people get their dream job. We do it with a dedicated team of writers that we recruited from some of the county's most successful industries. We have experts in every major field and HR managers from around the world.

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How are we able to provide such powerful resumes? Our industry experts know exactly what each employer is looking for from an employee, which means they can create very powerful resumes that are appealing on a personal level. Our HR managers help broaden our scope. They allow us to avoid the most common resume mistakes, and they help our team create penetrative and attention-grabbing resumes.

Alexandros Kalyfommatos
Alexandros Kalyfommatos
Daniel Lupu
Daniel Lupu
Head of Marketing
Sanjay Yadav
Sanjay Yadav
SEO Specialist
Adriana Ardelean
Adriana Ardelean
Web and Graphic Designer

Great Services

Over many years of experience, we have honed and sculpted our service into a strong and focused "Job Acquisition" service. We don't complete only resumes; we also write cover letters, applications, and even LinkedIn profiles. We also write thank you letters and follow up letters. Our service offers packages that cover the entire process; all you have to do is attend the interviews. Our writers are more engaged with the process than ever, and our business has become an established powerhouse of productivity as a result.

Future Development

What are our plans for the future? We have slowly grown our business to ensure we stay customer focused and do not over-expand. Our plan is to continue with our slow-burn expansion and to further streamline our service so that people get more and more for their money.

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