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Resume for students, recent graduates, and for professionals with less than three years of work experience

You are a recent graduate willing to start a career but have little or no experience? No worries. Let our professional writers do their job. You don’t imagine how much you have to be included. Remember, volunteer work, summer job, internship, any experience is a great value. Just provide us with all the relevant details and we will highlight your achievements, and construct a comprehensive resume to kick start your future career before long. Your tailor-made resume will definitely catch the eye of a potential recruiter.

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For professionals at any sphere with more than three years of experience

Do you know that only 2% of resumes make it past the first round? Be in the top 2%! Our highly qualified certified writers will do the job for you. If you have more than three years of experience you are already a specialist and a Professional Level resume is exactly for you. We will build a job-winning resume that gets you hired faster! A competent writer will take into consideration all your skills, match them with your target position, and display your accomplishments in the best possible way.

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For executives at any industry

Executive resumes are more detailed and substantial than regular ones, and demonstrate the numerous examples of past proof of results, while highlighting leadership accomplishments. Prospective employers want to see how you can benefit their company, thus your resume writer will deliver an accurate overview of your role in each company. At executive level, we will keep the resume focused on your executive, managerial and especially financial achievements relevant to the targeted position. Accordingly, a list of specific information with stats, numbers, percents, and dollar amount is to be included.

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From military to civilian transition

The Military Resume is designed for military professionals looking to transition to a new career in the civilian sector. Our experienced writers will prepare the resume that will highlight your transferable skills, and help your military credentials stand at attention. We will identify the best way to present your history to your advantage, and benefit, you offer as an employee. The skills used in the military sector can open a number of doors to various other roles, where your talent can make you valuable and important asset to the company.

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For federal government jobs

The federal resume is a document constructed specifically to apply for Federal government jobs. Unlike standard information, you provide with for a regular resume, this type of document additionally requires data about your citizenship, security clearance, current supervisor, salary, average working hours per week, etc. Our professional writers will construct a resume that makes the best of a client’s opportunities and emphasizes his qualifications and achievements. Job-related honors, awards, leadership activities, memberships, or publications are also meaningful. We will also verify if such information satisfies legal requirements.

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For those who want to change their career path

Jumping from your current career to an arguably more creative field can be challenging. It may not be easy for you to convert your skills and make them relevant, but it is absolutely doable for our writers! Let us stay strategic about it! In your resume, we will proficiently explain how qualifications from your previous career are applicable and relevant to your desired position. We can spin your resume to any industry by using the best format, font, and headings to make it sparkle!

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Professional resume services

We want to explain the whole process of resume writing to you so that you feel 100% confident about our collaboration. Composing a decent and well-structured resume requires experience, great writing skills, and, of course, much time.

That’s why the shortest deadline at our professional resume service is 24 hours. Take a look at all the steps that our expert takes to deliver one resume sample, and you’ll understand why it’s better to delegate this job to pros.

Background research

Before making the first draft, our dedicated writer has to learn everything about you from a professional point of view. All the details of your career path need to be considered: your experience, achievements, skills, education, qualifications, etc. If you have an accomplishment that you’re particularly proud of - share it with our expert, and he’ll include it into the resume in case it’s relevant.

Planning the structure

All the employees of our professional resume writing service are constantly monitoring new trends in the HR world. We want all the samples that we deliver to look up-to-date and attract as many job interview invitations as possible. That’s why our writers dedicate much time to the planning aspect of resume writing.

Writing essential blocks

That’s the most labor-intensive part of the process. Our writer has to put all the necessary data together and form consistent and informative blocks that will present your candidature in the most attractive way. Besides, he has to edit them properly so that all the information fits on one page (two pages - for professionals with more than five years of experience).

Keyword optimizing

Another advantage of professional resume services is that we know how the recruiters work thanks to our vast experience in this domain. Many hiring managers (especially in big companies) don’t check every resume on the job search websites manually. They use automatic algorithms to scan the texts and detect the keywords that are required for a specific job offer. Our experts know how to optimize your resume for it to “catch an eye” of the algorithm.

Proofreading and editing

Although this step is the last one, it’s no less important than others. The majority of hiring managers won’t even for a moment consider your candidature if your resume has mistakes in it. We check every text with great attention to avoid any awkward situations.

Now, you see that the resume writing process is challenging and time-consuming, especially for people without much experience. We encourage you to apply to professional resume writing services to get the resume that will lead you to your dream job.


You offer different packages of services. How is it different from ordering them separately?

First of all, it’s cheaper to order professional resume writing and additional services together. Secondly, when you buy a package, you’ll work with the same writer on all the required documents, and the result will be more consistent.

Why do you need my personal information?

When you fill in the ordering form, we ask you to share your email and phone number. Our managers use this data only in case of emergencies. We don’t send spam emails or messages and keep your personal info a secret.

In what format will you deliver my resume?

Usually, we provide a .pdf or .doc version of your document. You can specify your requirement while chatting with our writer.

Who will work on my order?

Career Boosters is considered one of the best resume writing services. We value our good name and hire only highly skilled resume writers. They have to prove their qualifications before joining our team.

Do you have any resume samples that I can take a look at?

Sure! Just check a dedicated “Samples” page. You can find it in the menu at the top of any website page. 

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