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Less than two years experience

Allow us to demonstrate to your future employer that you may have less experience, but you are still one of the most valuable assets they will take on this year. Much of the hiring process is more about appearances than it is about raw data. With persuasive content and a strong understanding of how the HR system works, we are able to convince employers that entry-level staff are worth the risk. All you have to do is fly through the interview and then prove yourself as an entry-level employee. We do all the hard work, and our success rate is unparalleled. There is more to getting a job than having the best qualifications or experience, we highlight your finest qualities for employers to see, and we do it cleverly and efficiently.

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At least two years experience

Three to five years qualifies you as a professional, and you need to embrace that fact and put your best foot forwards. Our dedicated professionals are able to highlight your sparkling qualities in a way that makes you a very appealing prospect. Employers are like horse trainers, they are always looking for the next up-and-coming winner, and we can get them excited about you. They want to snag winners before they become too expensive, and we are experts at getting employers excited about new-hire prospects. You are not a resume writer by trade, which means you do not know what an employer wants from a CV, be we do, we know what sells to employers, we know what they want from a new-hire, and we know how to communicate with them on a personal level. We have even had professional people use our CV services to apply for their promotion and get it! We are really that good.

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C-level executives

You have already done what most people dream of, you have navigated office politics, shook hands with the right people, and done your job in the most efficient manner and you have been rewarded with an executive position. Now, you want to move to another job and correctly demonstrate your many qualities--and that is where we come in. We lay out your finest and most employable qualities, and we communicate your reputation in a solid and careful manner. If you have not yet reached the position of executive, then allow us to write a resume that will get you an executive position in a new company. Get a promotion, but get it by applying for a higher position in a new company.

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It can be very difficult to get a military position, especially if it is a coveted position within the military. You are not a paid resume writer, you are good at your job, and you shouldn't be denied a position because you have trouble laying out your best qualities and skills on a written document. Tell our team about your skills, your qualifications, your experience and your employable qualities, and we will set them out in a winning resume. We create a powerful and persuasive CV that doesn't exaggerate; it simply brushes away the dust to reveal you sparkling qualities. We have a team of ex-military writers that are experts when it comes to creating a persuasive and strong military resume.

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Writing a resume for a federal job is tricky because it is similar to writing it for a job in the public sector, but it requires far more finesses and power. Resumes for federal jobs require a certain level of persuasion. Federal HR teams are not looking for the person with the most qualifications and experience; they are looking for the person that successfully convinces them to give away the job. No matter what the role, you will have a position that requires trust, and that is where we shine. If you are looking to advance your career, then we will craft a perfect CV to help you get your promotion, if you simply want to change your career or get a federal job, then let us know and we will write an appealing resume for you.

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Let us make the case for you. Let our team of professional writers make the case for your new career. Our resumes are nothing short of sales pitches for your career change, and we always make the sale. Gathering together a bunch of qualifications and skills is not difficult, but arranging them into a usable, understandable, and convincing resumes is, and that is where we come in. Our team has a wide variety of experience in different industries and market sectors. We know what employers are looking for and we know all the esoteric terms. We are able to speak to employers on a very one-to-one and personal basis, and that has a very powerful effect on employers, especially those that have been in the business a long time. Trust us, and we will create a resume that allows you to get your dream job.

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  • A free revision if you do not receive an interview invite within 30 days.

  • 100% satisfaction.

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Cover letter

The experts believe that you should submit a cover letter even if your potential employer hasn't asked for one. You can always use your cover letter to shed some light on the gaps in your work history; you cannot write about it in your CV. If written properly, the cover letter will also provide initial info about what the hiring manager can expect in your application and CV. This sells you quickly and inspires the employer to have a closer look at your CV for further details. A CV and cover letter will together help you get an interview call, which you can convert into a job opportunity with your own skills.

You have to make sure to submit a highly convincing and interesting cover letter, and that's when you can come to Careers Booster for assistance. We have efficient writers offering you the best cover letter writing services. Therefore, wait no more; try our cover letter writing service now!

What Do You Get from Our Cover Letter Service?

You are only going to get the very best when you turn to our cover letter service. We have hired the most professional writers, who go the extra mile to write you a highly convincing and interesting cover letter. These writers always conduct extensive research and work closely with you to write an informative and interesting cover letter for resume.

The writers first familiarise themselves with your qualifications, experience, and ambitions. They then, write a cover letter accordingly. The interesting thing is that our writers also check your CV, if you have already written it on your own, and follow the same format and order while writing a cover letter. They use the same headings and font, but they also maintain the same writing style to ensure your application gives a cohesive appeal.

By opting for our professional cover letters help, you don't have to worry about changing services to get a cover letter written for a different industry. We follow your instructions and always work exactly according to your instructions. Above all, we understand the importance of writing an informative cover letter, but not at the cost of brevity. Our cover letters will sell you perfectly in fewer words. Make use of our cover letter service to secure a dream job!

Highlights of Our Cover Letter Service

We are always concerned about giving our customers a satisfying experience. For this reason, we've made several changes to our service. At the same time, we offer guarantees that give you peace of mind when you use our services. For instance:

  • You will enjoy highly impressive resume and cover letter services under one roof.
  • You will receive cover letter help for all industries and experience levels.
  • You will be able to use our cover letter help at the most affordable prices.
  • You will get a chance to use discount deals to save your money.
  • You will receive your professionally written cover letter in a timely manner.

In addition to these highlights, there are some other benefits as well. You will get several guarantees when you opt for our cover letter services. You will enjoy 100% confidentiality with a guarantee that your cover letter will be original, interesting, and convincing. So, stop waiting and start using our resume cover letter service to secure a good job!

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