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Less than two years of experience

While you may have limited experience, you are a prospective employee who will contribute greatly to the company’s development. Since we have considerable familiarity with the workings of the HR system, we can demonstrate to employers the value of hiring entry-level workers. Your best qualities will be emphasized, and we will optimize keywords in order to pass HR’s selection. In addition, we will add a professional summary and objective to present all useful info and catch employer’s eye. We’ll include necessary details such as work education/project/training information.

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At least two years of experience

Three to five years of experience qualifies you as a professional, and you need to embrace that fact and put your best foot forwards. Our dedicated professionals are able to highlight your sparkling qualities in a way that makes you a very appealing prospect. Employers are like horse trainers; they are always looking for the next up-and-coming winner, and we can get them excited about you. They want to snag winners before they become too expensive, and we are experts at getting employers excited about new-hire prospects. You are not a resume writer by trade, which means you do not know what an employer wants from a CV. We know what sells to employers, we know what they want from a new hire, and we know how to communicate with them on a personal level. We have even had professional people use our CV services to apply for and get their promotion! We are really that good.

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C-level executives

When you order a CV from us, we will provide a 1-2 pages resume that includes the important information about you; a summary of your skills, qualifications and your key achievements that will gain the attention of prospective employers. Rather than focusing on your duties when we summarize your work history, we will focus on your accomplishments and achievements, which will give a much better impression of your capabilities. Prospective employers want to see what you can do for their company, so we will deliver an accurate overview of your role in each company, as well as highlight your soft and professional skills. At executive level, it is very important to emphasize your financial achievements. Therefore we will include a list of specific information with stats, numbers, percents, and dollar amount. The resume we create will emphasize your skills, achievements, and other qualifications to demonstrate that you would be an important asset to the company.

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If you moving from the military into civilian life, let us create the CV that will highlight your transferable skills. Your resume will emphasize how you can apply the knowledge and skills you picked up during military service to a civilian role. Your military experience will be presented in a way that will attract the interest of civilian HR managers. Military experience has many applications in civilian life, and our resumes will perfectly explain how this can be used to the advantage of prospective employers. Candidates with military experience gain a great deal of skills that can be transferred to civilian posts, such as leadership and teamwork. This makes them admirable employees, and your resume will demonstrate this.

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Our speciality is compiling appropriate application documents for anyone who is looking to advance their career as a federal employee. We will produce a resume that makes the best of our clients’ opportunities and emphasizes their qualifications and professional achievements. Our resumes will include everything required by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). We will include many different pieces of information, such as your training and qualifications, licenses and professional membership, skills and awards. We will also verify if such information satisfies legal requirements.

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Hand over the task of creating the perfect resume to us. Our resumes will showcase your talents and create a case for awarding you the job. Anyone can write a CV, but not that many people can convert their qualifications and skills into a convincing resume. That's why you need to trust the task to us. With considerable experience in various industries and markets, we understand what employers want in a candidate. Our resumes go straight to the point and speak directly to an employer. They respond to our approach, so let us fashion a resume that helps you succeed. A CV space is limited, so it's important to remove irrelevant content. Our expert writers will highlight all your transferable skills, which is very appealing to employers. In addition, they will adapt your resume to the kind of post you are looking for. When you have a specific post in mind, we will look closely at the job so that we can adapt your resume to identify the relevant skills, wherever you have acquired them. Your resume will contain clear career goals; employers like to see that you have a plan for your future.

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You are guaranteed to get the following:

  • An easy ordering process which takes just 5 minutes to complete.

  • A resume and/or cover letter crafted by an experienced, professional, talented and committed writer.

  • Delivery on time, every time.

  • A free revision if you do not receive an interview invite within 30 days.

  • 100% satisfaction.

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LinkedIn® Profile

What We Do

Our writers turn your skills, qualities, and experience into a fantastic LinkedIn® profile for your future employers to see. Many employers will check your LinkedIn® before deciding if you are the right applicant for the job. Moreover, some HR teams use a LinkedIn® profile check as one of their due-diligence procedures when finalizing the selection process. That makes their jobs easier, which means it pays off to have a LinkedIn® profile. Our team will create the perfect profile for you.

Starting With the Summary

We start with your summary. We look over your skills, qualifications, business associations, business groups, professional career, academic career, and your experience. Then, we sum up your personality and qualities into a concise, strong, correct, and truthful opening summary. The opening summary is not as important as many people think, especially since most users will skim over it. However employers who are truly interested in your application may scrutinize it closely. That's is why we put so much effort into opening summaries.

Your Experience

It is up to you to make your experience section as concise as possible. Future employers wish to know about your experience, but they are also at high risk of getting bored when reading this section. We write very concise and ergonomically-structured experience sections to ensure the employer doesn't skim-read over them.

Extra Sections

We always find it a good idea to add a few volunteer positions and causes into the mix. They make you appear a bit nicer and more employable. We also find it a good idea to add in a business experience section. This part details things that you have done within your career, which are brushed over in your experience section. For example, we with explain how you strategized, managed, designed, sold, and so forth.

Adding In Your Strengths

With your permission, we will add in a strengths section that explains your strongest features. Usually, we present a list of your strengths, and if you wish, we will explain them. Your LinkedIn® profile may be longer than a single document, whereas most CVs are only one page long. Our writers are able to add far more to your LinkedIn® profile than they are to your CV, and that means the list of your strengths may include a full explanation. Your strengths do not have to be specific; we can add general strengths such as:

  • Finding and creating business strategies
  • Understanding the needs of a client
  • Very quick responding time
  • Always researching new technology
  • Result oriented
  • Honest
  • Ready to work under pressure
  • Hard and smart working
  • Focus on introducing global technology into the market

We also recommend that you think about allowing us to add a section called, "What I can provide for you," in which you explain all the things you can provide for your future employer. We can reword it in a manner that appeals to your future employer.

Your Skills and Groups

We recommend you to inform us about the groups you are a member of, so that we may add them into your LinkedIn® profile. We may also have a few suggestions of our own, since some groups look very good on a LinkedIn® profile.

We are happy to add in any skills that you feel are relevant. We will also add in more details that can help you get the job. We can often infer skills from your previous jobs and experience.

Have Your LinkedI® Profile Written By Us

We are here to help, and we are experts at what we do. Many people have gained new promotions and have won new jobs because of what we have written on their LinkedIn® profile. We can do the same for you!

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