Writer Stories

Mathew M.

With more than 10 years' experience, I have delivered nearly 750 finished resumes, cover letter and profiles for clients all over the world. My experience in a diverse range of fields, including finance, IT, management and sales enables me to effectively assist clients seeing work in any level of experience, from entry-level to executive level. As a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), I stay up to date with the latest trends as they emerge by continuing to take seminars and read material pertaining to resume creation. I often hear praise and positive comments from my clients that my services have helped them get the job they were after. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and an emphasis in creative writing from the University of Texas. My resume tips include showcasing achievements and special honors to let employers know that you are capable and stand out from the other applicants.

Sara I.

With 5+ years of experience producing resumes, I have successfully written more than 250 top notch resumes, cover letters and profiles for a diverse group of clients from around the globe. My experience in writing resumes spans several fields, including education, administration, case management and social work. As a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), I continue to follow resume writing trends and stay on top of the industry as it morphs and evolves with time. I routinely achieve top ranks and reviews for my resume writing and nearly all of my clients report getting the job they wanted by using my services. I hold a Masters of Education from the University of Denver with a double minor in journalism and communication. My top resume tip is to cut out the extra words and get to the point because employers don't want to spend too much time deciding if an applicant is worth calling for an interview.

Alison E.

While spending seven years in college, I never thought I would end up working for a resume writing company, but this is my life and this is my dream job. I get paid to do something that I am awesome at, and I get to do it when I wish. Projects are passed around our team like buckets of KFC at a birthday party and I love it. What is even better is that my dream job helps other people find their dream job, so it comes full circle. Over the years I have honed my resume writing skills to become more efficient and to become a more powerful writer. I can even sculpt simple letters of introduction into award winning segments with the within minutes where it takes other people hours. With each month my writing skills become stronger and the results of my work become better.

Brad Z.

I spent nine years as an HR manager after college and drifted into resume writing as a way of earning extra money. Before I knew it, I was a rising star at CareersBooster.com and earning more money than I ever did as a HR manager. My special skills are derived from the fact I have read literally thousands of resumes during my career. I know what draws an employer in and what puts an employer off. I know each and every HR department's pet peeves and I know what impresses them. I get results because I have been at the other end of the process for so very long. I am one of CareersBooster's top producers, I am helping to take the company further and help it grow stronger. As individuals, the CareersBooster.com writers are good, but as a team, we are unstoppable.

George C.

Hi, there! I see you want to know more about who'll be writing your job application documents. I am a Certified Professional Resume Writer and hold a Master's degree in Career Counseling. I have worked in career services for over 7 years now and have provided counseling to thousands of students, fresh graduates and professionals.

I have always wanted to help people evolve and reach their true potential, and my work as a counselor and resume writer allows me to do just that. I have written countless CVs, resumes, cover letters and professional social media profiles for candidates of various backgrounds, from education and healthcare to finance and technical industries.

I work closely with each and every client to identify their key strengths and unique advantages, as well as personality traits that should be highlighted in the job application documents for the best chances of success. I know what recruiters are looking for in a prospective employees and I can ensure your resume will present you as the ideal candidate for the job you are targeting.


I've spent most of my career as a human resources professional, and thus know exactly what makes a resume really shine. I use my prior experience in crafting resumes that express exactly why an individual is the ideal candidate in their field of choice, and I pride myself in my attention to even the smallest of details. When I'm not crafting stellar resumes and compelling cover letters, I'm delivering sound career advice to the next generation of human resources professionals through mentorship at local universities, including my alma mater, the University of Michigan. I believe that no matter what your chosen career path or industry, an attention-grabbing, up-to-date resume is a must-have. My best piece of advice for your resume is to don't ever feel you need to embellish or overstate your accomplishments - the truth is always the best way to go.

Elaine B.

Hello, nice to meet you! I am a professional resume writer and editor with a Master's degree in Human Resources and a rich background in creative writing. I specialize in multiple industries and fields, including Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, Marketing, Sales, IT, Customer Service, Manufacturing and Production, and Internet/e-Commerce.

During my ten years of experience in this field, I have crafted and edited hundreds of resumes, cover letters and professional profiles, for entry level and executive positions as well, and my background as a creative writer has helped me cultivate skills that allow me to craft unique, distinctive job application documents that help my clients stand out. I can proudly say that my work has helped numerous job candidates to advance in their careers.

I believe that carefully woven language, good structure and a personalized, well-tailored style are the key to a successful resume - one that sparks interest right from the start and differentiates the candidate as the best fit for the position.

Thomas D.

My background is in English literature with a minor in Ancient History. This is something that is always put to good use in the art of resume writing and cover letter writing as my grasp of the English language is such that I can craft even the most basic set of skills in to something that comes across as very impressive and sophisticated on the page. I have also had some experience in the world of journalism and this has helped to improve my skills and sharpen my ability to grab a reader's attention, something that is vital for a resume and cover letter to achieve. I in English and have been working as a freelance writer for many years, building my portfolio graduated from Yale with a degree and putting my writing skills on the line for clients that are in need of a thorough and professional service.

Emily T.

I am a Columbia graduate who for the last five years has been working as the head of human resources for a very high profile national company. My experience in human resources and recruitment has lead me to become something of an expert on what companies are looking for when they go through job applications. My insight into the other side of this process means that I can provide significant and effective help in the resume and cover letter writing process, helping you to stand out above the rest of the applicants. My English language skills are of a very high level, meaning that any work ordered from and completed by me will be 100% free from any typos, spelling or grammatical mistakes that could be detrimental to your ambitions. Allow my inside knowledge to give you an advantage in a cutthroat environment, mature writing and advanced skills.


I'm a professional writer with more than a decade of experience writing in various formats - from white papers to resumes to articles, and everything in between - in the automotive, education, non-profit, real estate, human resource management, and IT industries. I'm dedicated to working closely with my clients to compose a resume and cover letter to promote their strengths and help them stand out in a sea of other candidates. I see every client interaction as an opportunity to find out something new, something relevant I can use to build a resume and cover letter to effect a promotion or career change. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from North Texas University. My top resume tip is that a sans-serif font on your resume makes you look more serious in the IT world; Comic Sans is never acceptable.